About Us

We are tremendously proud and glad that the Navratri Navyuvak Mandal for the Deaf is Celebrating, its 31st Anniversary in Mumbai on Wednesday 5th October, 2022. This Garba Festival is held every year unfailingly and exclusively for the Deaf Community, for the past 31 years. It has gained immense popularity and now it has become one of the biggest gatherings of the Deaf Community in Mumbai.

This Garba Festival has been a part of the Mandal since inception back in 1992 with a sole goal of bringing all our Deaf Friends under one roof.

Our Indian Culture is such that it has never kept any type of disabled away from the society, and the Navratri Navyuvak Mandal for the Deaf is the proof of this. The credit for this big achievement goes to all our Partners, Sponsors who have been participating in this festival for so many years and our Organizing Committees, past and present, for their hard work and dedication in keeping this tradition alive. We have anchored support to make the Navratri Festival a Grand Success every year.

Navratri Navyuvak Mandal for the Deaf is proud for the Great Achievement and our best Wishes to their Future endeavors. All things for above Programme, monetary help is required so please give us monetary help and your Blessing for Successes.